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Who's Behind Masterclass?

Born precisely on the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, the DaVinci Network is a global movement designed to explore, optimise and promote many-sided human potential at the individual, organisational and societal levels. 
The world of disciplinary silos is over. The DaVinci Network aims to catalyse a cultural paradigm shift, away from hyper-specialisation and ‘silo culture’, towards the encouragement of connection-making between different fields, disciplines and cultures.

We do this through:

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Gillian Tett Chair of the Editorial Board (US), Financial Times

"The DaVinci Network really does uphold the sort of ideas and values that we need very badly right now." 


Waqās Ahmed

Founder & CEO, DaVinci Network; Executive Producer of the DaVinci Masterclass.

Waqās is considered a world authority on multidisciplinary thought and practice, and is author of the internationally acclaimed book The Polymath (Wiley 2019). 
He is Founding Faculty at the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) and Visiting Fellow at the Open University Business School, where he explores interdisciplinary approaches to leadership, management and innovation. 
With a background in art, science and international affairs, he has been called a “modern renaissance man” by various publications.

Professor Martin Kemp

Honorary Chair, The DaVinci Network

 Martin Kemp - the world’s leading expert on Leonardo da Vinci - has been appointed Honorary Chair of The DaVinci Network to develop its mission to encourage polymathic thinking among learners and leaders worldwide. 

He is also the instructor of the DaVinci Masterclass. 

The Masterclass Curriculum

The unique curriculum takes you through a comprehensive journey of Leonardo's explorations.

The Unity of Nature

Leonardo saw the human body as a “lesser world” in terms of physical structures and dynamics. This session explores Leonardo's breathtaking observations on nature, covering anatomy, physiology, geology, and paintings with landscapes.

Working with Nature

Leonardo showed us just how the engineer must work with natural law to design viable schemes. His designs of instruments for the management of water are particularly compelling. His works also show how warfare leads to the destruction of nature.

Seeing and Uncertainty

Leonardo unveiled that there are things we can know and things we cannot. He emphasises the role of “experience” and experiment in pursuit of knowledge. This lesson explains the move of Leonardo’s early certainties to uncertainty. He adopts the doctrine of “double truth” and "the ineffable", something modern physics is now exploring.

Mathematics of Everything

This lesson outlines how Leonardo explores the rules of mathematics in nature, including systems of proportion, arithmetic and the rule of numbers. He places a special emphasis on geometry and incommensurable (irrational) proportions. Leonardo's approach shows us how he saw human creations in this mathematical context through knots, bearings, gears and temples.

The Art of Science

Through Leonardo, we learn about the value of "lateral seeing". In this lesson, selected works of Leonardo's art are looked at in chronological order, together with their scientific aspects such as vortices, light, music, anatomies, physiognomics, bodily mechanics, the folding of cloth and optics.

Lessons from Leonardo

Leonardo's refusal to compartmentalise knowledge stands in sharp contrast to our systems of learning, which constrain our ability to relate the parts to the whole in creative syntheses. Leonardo's thinking methods might just allow us to make more sense of the complexities of our 21st-century world.

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